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So who is my best client at the moment?

After a while you will have built up history regarding sales to particular clients.  

To be able to find out how much they have spent with you can go to the customer order history page, and put your cursor on the number four on the left hand side, until it changes to a black arrow pointing right.  If you click once the whole row will be selected.  

We will now use the excel sort and filter option.  

You can find the filter to the right of the home menu.  When you click on it it creates a drop down menu and you need to select filter.  White drop down arrows appear on every cell on the line.  If you select the white drop down arrow above the names column, a search box appears.  Type in the name of the client you wish to find out about.

If you have more than one client with the same name then un tick those clients.  When you click OK you will be left with at list just containing the name of the client you were searching for.

Hint: to find out the total amount of money they have spent with you, highlight all of the items in the value column.  

Towards the bottom right hand corner of the excel spread sheet will see a total amount calculated for you.

To turn the filter of your back to the home menu, click on sort and filter, and de-select filter.

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