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How do I calculate body-mass index in Orderbook?

This BMI calculator converts between kilograms and stones and pounds and highlights when somebody is over BMI 40.

Just enter the person's height in feet and inches or meters, their weight in kilograms or stones and pounds, and follow the line of what you inserted to its conclusion.

So if you put in 5 foot 9 inches and 93 kg, then you would follow the line from 93 kg to 5 foot 9 inches and across to BMI 30.28.

If you entered into a weight and stones 18 stone 11.6lbs, and follow the line 5 foot to 9 inches, the BMI would be 38.93.  If their height was 1.55 metres at that weight their BMI would be 49.77.  

Because it's over BMI 40 it is highlighted in red.

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