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How do I calculate mileage?

By entering the client's name house number and postcode in two the customer orders sheet, the information is automatically copied into the monthly summary sheet, including the fuel calculator.  To calculate the mileage we have to enter information into one column only.  This is the miles column.  

To calculate the miles, use Google maps.  

Google maps are allowing you to show a route from a to B and calculates the distance for you.  We can then for this distance into the miles column.  

If your journey was a round trip to journey Google maps also allows you to and multiple stops.  Whatever you put in the miles column is doubled and a total given at the bottom of the column.  

You lower the total is a value in money calculated using pence per mile.  

The pence per mile allowance depends on the size of the engine of your vehicle.  

The total value for the month can then be transferred to the purchases section and entered in with an expense type C for car expenses.

This value incorporates all of the expense on your vehicle.  You will not be able to claim for additional things like insurance if you use this type of calculation.  

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