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Helping your clients create an order

New clients can be a little wary when creating an order for food for a whole week or even longer, to help them do this there are three ways that I normally use.  The best and easiest way is to email them for the order form as a signature on an email.  You can download this from our website.  Once they follow the instructions in the email they are able to create an order which you can have ready for when they arrive.  

A Second way, if they do not have the Internet, you can print them a customer order form which can be found on the customer order form spread sheet.  This has a full list of all of the products, a space for weight and measurements, next appointment time, information on how to contact you the consultant, and you're opening times.  It is a little compact but some clients have found its helpful.  

The third way, I usually use when sitting with the client at our first meeting.  If the client is having three meals a day that equates two seven breakfasts, seven dinners, and seven teas.  I usually go down the list of products on the customer orders sheet and ask the client if they like a particular product or not, putting a 1 in the number ordered row for every item they like.  It is then easy to go back after finding out what products they like, and discussing the number of each product they would like.

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