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Can't convert it to a picture?

Hint: sometimes when pasting information into an email, I have found it impossible to be able to convert it to a picture.  You will find that the option two converts it to her picture is not there.
There may be a number of reasons for this, and you can try these suggestions yourself to see if it helps.

Firstly before creating an order always have your email client open.

If you have tables in your email signature, be sure that you put your cursor into a location where there is no table before trying to paste the information into it.

You will only have one opportunity to paste the information, once you have pressed OK or cancel on the dialogue box, that opportunity has passed.  

If you needed to do it again it would mean recreating the order again, only because this time the order had already gone through, you would need to delete the information from the spread sheet rather than and running it through as an order.

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