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Cost pricing and tax information.

You can see that there are some items that have a cost price but no sale price.  Things like information for doctor’s booklets receipt pads and BMI charts.  These items are purchased throughout the year and given away for free.  

In effect we make a loss on these items.  We therefore have to write this amount down at the end of the year to show it at a loss.  

To do this it will be necessary to go through all of the invoices from Cambridge Manufacturing and select the items that we giveaway.  Add these altogether, and put that value on to the spread sheet called AIA.  

On the spread sheet is a list of reminders of the types of things that will probably only be entered once per year.  But that value in the line literature given away this year.  When you add all the magazines etc. together you'll be surprised how much we giveaway per year.  At the end of the year once you have that amount you could actually enter it in two the purchases section say in march and put it down as marketing.  

As a reminder for yourself remember to enter a reference code on to the line as well, this will tell you where in the monthly spread sheets you have placed this item.  It's also a reminder that you have completed that calculation for the year.

AIA: this stands for annual investment allowance which is a list of items that, in any one year, can be written down for tax in a single year.  It is meant for small to medium sized businesses to help them invest in large items like machinery for manufacturing.  It also includes vans but not cars.  
You could use the sheet to calculate any purchase costs and depreciation of a car.  

You can overwrite any of the information on the sheet as it is meant to be used for reminding yourself about annual charges and expenses.

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