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How to create an order in Orderbook.

When you open Orderbook you are presented with a spread sheet with various coloured tabs at the bottom of the screen. The first thing you will probably want to do is create an order so we will need to go to the customer orders sheet.

If you scroll to the bottom of the sheet you can place your customer’s name, house number, and postcode in the boxes provided.

Other boxes are provided here to be able to offer various discounts and print a receipt.  Put a Y or N in the box to enable it or disable it. We will put a Y in the print receipt box

Scroll to the top of the page and start to enter the items that your customer has chosen
Scrolling to the bottom of the page again we'll show you the number of items they have chosen.
The 'total cost on receipt' amount will not show the final amount until you do one of two things, either add a zero into an empty space, and press enter, or go to the customer receipt page to show the final amount.

Lets go to the Customer receipt spread sheet now.
You will notice that your address, name and consultant ID, has already been placed into the customer receipt ready for printing.

When you and your customer are happy with the order, press the process order button on the customer orders page.

A receipt will be printed with two copies on a single a4 sheet of paper to the default printer on your computer.

One copy will be for your records and the other for your client.

A dialogue box appears, and tells you that the information has been copied to your computers clipboard.  You now have the opportunity to paste the copied spread sheet into an email to send to your customer.  If you do not want to do this just click cancel and process will continue.  If you do want to paste this information into an email, go to your email client, create a new email, the cursor where you want the information to appear, press paste.  The information will be copied in spread sheet format, and this is not something the you want to send your customer.  To convert from a spread sheet format to a picture, select the paste icon at the bottom right hand corner of the inserted information, and change the format to a picture. Once the invoice has been pasted in the email, fill in the customer’s name etc. into the email and send.

Now go back to the Orderbook and complete the order.

A record of the transaction is recorded in two locations, firstly the customer order history, and secondly the monthly sheet for the current month date.

The customer orders sheet is now ready for your next order

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