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How to load your Orderbook with stock,

When you receive Orderbook, it will have no stock entered into it.  

To begin with you will have two do a stock take to be able to enter the information into the spread sheet.  To help you do this select the green in stock take spread sheet and print off a copy using the grey button on the screen.

With this information to hand you will load the spread sheet current stock in two different locations.  

Boxes of goods are loaded using the stock orders spread sheet.  Single items from your stock take are loaded into the current stock using the customer returns sheet.

Once you have your current stock loaded you will not be able to sell more items than you have in stock.  

If you try to do this the word check stock will appear in the price column of the customer orders sheet.

Hint: if your stock is out of balance and the Orderbook is stopping you from creating a customer order, you can temporarily load a few items into the customer returns sheet and press adjust stock order only no recording.  This grey button is a further down to the right on the customer returns spread sheet.

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