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So when should I order some more stock?

If you select the current stock spread sheet you can see at a glance how many items you have in stock.  

The traffic light system gives you an indication of how our low your stock level is.  The boundaries for when the traffic lights change colour can be changed to suit your individual stock level requirements.  

To change these boundaries, go to the control function spread sheet which is on the far right of the row of spread sheets.  Here you'll see a range of numbers already entered into the spread sheet some of them are negative figures.  A negative figure here in both columns would indicate that you would want the traffic lights to be green all of the time, meaning that you were happy with having no stock of that item.  

The traffic light System Works by indicating red if the stock falls below the left hand number, between that number and the higher number, it would be amber, above the higher of the two numbers, the traffic lights would be green.  

Having this system means that you can individually tailor the level of stock for item that you want to carry.

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