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Ordering stock

The auto stock orders sheet takes information from the current stock spread sheet and automatically calculates how many boxes are needed to take this top level backup to a green traffic light.  

I would use this as an advisory starting point for an order if you wished.  

To copy the information from the auto stock order to the stock orders sheet click on the copy to stock orders button.  The information is copied to the stock orders sheet where you can edit it before submitting your order.

Only use the stock orders sheet for creating an order.

The value of your order is given provided that the current percentage discount is entered correctly.

Once you've made your order, do not click add to stock until your order has arrived, and you have checked it.  Only then click add to stock button.  

This will add the order stock to the current stock spread sheet.  

The traffic lights will change automatically indicating your new stock levels.  In addition the information will also be stored in a stock order history spread sheet.  Should you find that the order value is different; you can take the figures from the Cambridge Manufacturing invoice and correct them on the stock order history page.  

A summary of the stock order history is given below the profit and loss balances table in quarterly amounts.  

This gives you a rough guide to what you have spent in the last quarter and you can check this against the discount scheme from Cambridge.  To get an accurate level of this, it would be better to login to the colysis online ordering website.

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