Pricing Update 2016 Part 1 - Consultant Accounts

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"The time is almost upon us – Friday 1st July is the big switch over day, when all of the newly reformulated products will go on sale"

So says the email sent out to all consultants on Monday afternoon (13th June).
So it's now time to start to look at updating Orderbook to reflect the new products and changes that will be happening over the next month.
You will have noticed that Orderbook has 3 columns, the middle column has been awaiting the new products arrival. We can now start to enter the new prices into this middle column. We will be not touching the 1st or 3rd columns till later on at the end of the month when the new product pricing starts.

*Remember that both old and new products will be the same cost price from the 1st July but there are changes to the number of items per box.

So the 1st thing to do is go to the Cost Pricing sheet. You can do this from the button provided on the Customer Orders Sheet or scroll through the tabs to the right to reach Cost Pricing.

Then get hold of the new Cambridge Weight Plan Prices Sheet that was posted out to you. (It's not currently available online yet)

Next you can edit the CENTRE colum ONLY. Columns R & S reflect the new prices and number of items in a box.

You can also add the new sale prices in Column AA if you are changing your sale price..

Column AB should have a 0 or 1 to show if the product is discountable. (So in this case all 1's except the column headings, NEW Shakes, NEW Soups, etc).
AC Vatable (all 0)
& AD should be 1 if a non food item (so all will be '0') as seen below.

You should not make any further changes at this time.
At the end of this month you will need to make additional changes.
This will be covered in Part 2
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