Pricing Update 2016 Part 2 - Consultant Accounts

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CA | Consultant Accounts

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The big switch over day is here at last

So we can now update the final missing peices to make Orderbook complete.
The more observent of you may have noticed that the recent insider magazine came with the new price list and all of the new codes.
This price list will be required to complete the update.
This is currently what we see, and it aint pretty.

We will be updating the New product codes in the Cost Pricing sheet, so first we need to go to that tab.

On the Product List sheet you will see everything is Red

In Column C, replace each cell with the code given in the printed CWP Prices booklet.

When completed, it should look like this
Also note that there are code changes to the drinks mixes and the Extras

When completed, Go back to the Customer Orders Sheet and it will have changed to look like...

Please note that if you do not have a line of 1's or 0's preceeding the new codes, you have an out of date Orderbook and you need to get in touch to get the latest version.

There may be a Part 3, you never know ;-)
but if you skipped it, you can go to part 1 here
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