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If you have received your order book by email, please save it in to your my documents folder.  Or alternatively if you wish to create a new folder called something like accounts, place the Orderbook insider that folder.  The Orderbook is protected in several ways, one of which is the name under which the Orderbook is saved.  So please do not change the name of Orderbook or it will not work correctly.
When opening order book for the first time, there will be some, or many warnings about security as this spread sheet uses macros extensively. You will need to allow, accept, the warnings to open the spread sheet for the first time.
Once open, go to the excel File > options, go to the trust centre, and then open the trust centre settings. Go to Trusted locations. Now add the new location of where the spread sheet is saved on your hard drive to the trust and locations.
Save the setting then close the spread sheet.

If the spread sheet opens for the first time without warning, the location may already be trusted, in which case set the iterations as follows.

This Excel spread sheet uses macros and has to be ‘set up’ to run one ‘iteration’ at a time.
Iterations are set up in the excel options once the spread sheet has been opened.
Depending on which version of excel you are using, find the setting ‘maximum iterations’ and set it to 1.

In Microsoft Office 2010, click on File, then options, then formulas.  Enable interactive calculation should be ticked.  Make sure the maximum iterations is set to 1.
Save the setting then close the spread sheet.

The spread sheet is now ready for use.

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