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Life is for living, not for paperwork

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Who am I?
Hi, I'm Nigel; I've been a semi-skilled engineer, a Computer and Network Systems Engineer and I've learned 6 programming languages (...nerd)

That's tended to be a lot of time sat down; hence my foray into weight loss. I lost 6 stones in about 4 months and it changed my life.

I've been into fitness, running 30 miles a week, and studied Nutrition, Psychology, Hypnotherapy and NLP for a hobby; keeping my weight off most successfully by becoming veggie and then a year as vegan, then an Gym freak, Paleo and now new on Keto. Will it ever end!

Excel is fascinating when you get in to it. You can do a lot of mind bending stuff with data. But as a result of being lazy, I built Orderbook. (Did I say I hate paperwork...)

I'd like to thank Michelle Carlisle for keeping me on my toes, when trying to solve the things she's managed to break in OrderBook and other consultants who have trial'd OrderBook for me. OrderForm is cool too!

I hope this saves you as much time as it has me.

Life is for living, not for paperwork...

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