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Welcome to OrderForm

OrderForm allows your clients to pre-order their products, give payment instructions, make appointments to pick up thir order and Create their next appointment, all from a conveniently located location. All of these features are optional.

You can send them the link to your own OrderForm in a text, email, embed it into your Facebook page or add it as an app icon on a mobile phone or tablet.

The site is secured by a password that you give to your clients.

With a add on, you can alter and create appointments online, with reminders, in collaboration with your client and restrict your availablility too.

The simplified Demo below is embedded into this web page. Further down the page is a link that opens the Demo in a new page. You can also have your OrderForm as an App on your clients mobile phone, meaning that they will always come to you to place their orders.

Below is a simplified LIVE demonstration, all you need is the password to try it out.

(I've added category search, and a calendar for delivery requests to the template, but not to the demo)

A Secure OrderForm is a must in today’s busy world. A simple online Form or App to allow your client to order what they need, when they need it, makes it far more likely that they will come back time after time.

You could go to the expense of an online shop, but why would you? A small form can be highly personal.

In some circumstances you may need to password protect access to your OrderForm. This is possible too! see an example here. The Access Gateway pass is 'DemoOrderForm'.

You can add into the form, a requirement for information, creating a time saver for yourself.
Optional Extras

There are too many addons and functions to list, but some ideas are listed below.

Online Appointments
Book, manage and track appointments online. Our cloud-based app lets you keep control over appointments, always.

Staff Scheduling
Stay organized and boost productivity by easily managing multiple staff schedules of up to twenty staff members.

Auto Reminders
Get instant email reminders for every appointment you book, cancel or reschedule. Say goodbye to missed appointments.

Self Booking
Your clients can view your available time slots and book appointments with just a few clicks. It’s simple, intuitive and instant.

It lets you integrate your appointment calendar to popular apps. It is designed to be the perfect tool for small businesses of all types.
Integrating Payment systems into webstores can be highly complex and can be very costly.

Having worked with several payment gateway systems, for small scale operations I have found it to be prohibative.

There are easier Free payment systems that work just as well and information can be added to any form to let the customer know how to pay

Whether you wish to use Cash, Cheque, Paym, Paypal, PaybyLink or bank transfter, all personal payment information can be added and is safe behind a passworded gateway.

Integration through Payment partners like Worldpay, Square, Stripe, PayU, Bluesnap and many others is possible. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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